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We hire the very best factory trained ASE certified technicians that know European cars. We have a stringent hiring process to make sure we have the very best European vehicle technicians in Colorado.

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Aspen Auto Clinic stands behind our repairs with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on parts AND labor that is unmatched. Aspen Auto Clinic is the logical choice for servicing your European vehicle, call us today!

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Land Rover Facts

Land Rover vehicles are 4×4 all terrain vehicles that are manufactured as part of the Tata Motors Inc. group that also includes the Jaguar brand. The company is a privately held manufacturer of all terrain vehicles that appeal to the upper class. Land Rover is second only to the Jeep brand as one of the oldest surviving 4×4 brands in the world. The original Land Rover vehicle was modeled after an American WWII Jeep that was used during a summer vacation by one of the engineers responsible for Land Rover’s design. Today’s designs include many amenities that appeal to anyone looking for lots of extras from the vehicle that they drive.

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