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Bring your Land Rover to one of our 6 locations and see why we're #1 for Land Rover service and repairs.

Why choose Aspen Auto Clinic for Land Rover repair in Colorado Springs, Monument & Centennial?

Worry free Land Rover service and repairs

There’s no better place to have your Land Rover service or repairs done than Aspen Auto Clinic. We have established relationships with direct importers who provide us with original parts at competitive prices. We invest in dealership level diagnostic equipment, information systems and the latest technology to best take care of anything your Land Rover may need.

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Your Land Rover Dealership Alternative

Aspen Auto Clinic offers better service and prices than your typical Land Rover dealership. We only hire the best of ASE Certified Technicians. We have preferred relationships with import vendors to assure that we’re putting only the best parts in your Land Rover.

Limited Lifetime Warranty On Land Rover Repairs

We offer Industry Leading warranties  on parts and repairs for your Land Rover to assure that any issues never become your problem. Click below to see whats covered by our Lifetime Warranty.


Aspen only hires the best of the best when it comes to our automotive technicians. Our Land Rover repair specialists go through a very intense hiring process so that we can make sure that they are truly the top people in the industry. We spend thousands of dollars every year sending them to continued education classes to ensure that they are up-to-date on everything they need to know about your Land Rover.

We invest in the same level of information and diagnostic tools that they have at the dealer to accurately test every system within your Land Rover. Our shops are use state-of-the-art tools and software to ensure that your Land Rover is diagnosed correctly and taken care off completely the first time. We are the experts for European car  repair in Colorado Springs, Monument & Centennial.


Aspen Auto Clinic has factory access to Land Rover parts to make sure that we are only using OE level parts to service your Land Rover. We use upgraded parts to prevent you from having the same issue again, like using a water pump with a metal impeller instead of the plastic one your vehicle came with out of the factory. Because of the high level of technicians that we have and the quality of the parts we use, we back up all of our Land Rover repairs with a limited  Lifetime Warranty; literally better than any shop or Land Rover Dealer! Give us a call today at 7194153121.


Aspen Auto Clinic stands behind our Land Rover parts service and  repairs with a Lifetime Warranty on most parts AND labor that is unmatched. Aspen Auto Clinic is the logical choice for servicing your vehicle, call us today! 


Land Rover vehicles are 4×4 all terrain vehicles that are manufactured as part of the Tata Motors Inc. group that also includes the Jaguar brand. The company is a privately held manufacturer of all terrain vehicles that appeal to the upper class. Land Rover is second only to the Jeep brand as one of the oldest surviving 4×4 brands in the world. The original Land Rover vehicle was modeled after an American WWII Jeep that was used during a summer vacation by one of the engineers responsible for Land Rover’s design. Today’s designs include many amenities that appeal to anyone looking for lots of extras from the vehicle that they drive.