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There’s no better place to have your Buick service or repairs done than Aspen Auto Clinic. We have established relationships with direct importers who provide us with original parts at competitive prices. We invest in dealership level diagnostic equipment, information systems and the latest technology to best take care of anything your Buick may need.

auto repair in Colorado Springs, Monument & Centennial

Your Buick Dealership Alternative

Aspen Auto Clinic offers better service and prices than your typical Buick dealership. We only hire the best of ASE Certified Technicians. We have preferred relationships with import vendors to assure that we’re putting only the best parts in your Buick.

Limited Lifetime Warranty On Buick Repairs

We offer Industry Leading warranties  on parts and repairs for your Buick to assure that any issues never become your problem. Click below to see whats covered by our Lifetime Warranty.


Aspen Auto Clinic invests in the tools, information systems and training to fix your vehicle right the first time. Buick’s are repaired and maintained at better than dealer quality every day at Aspen Auto Clinic.Aspen Auto Clinic only hires the best ASE certified technicians to work on your Buick. Aspen Auto Clinic is Colorado Springs most trusted name in automotive service and repair of all brands of domestic vehicles. Our technicians are nothing short of “Field engineers” that not only know how to properly repair your vehicle, they know what needs to be done to keep them on the road safely! If you want honesty, quality, integrity, world class customer service, and an unmatched limited Lifetime Warranty warranty, then call us today.


Aspen Auto Clinic has been the logical choice for your Buick service. We have better than dealership service and prices. You will not find a better place to service your Buick. Aspen Auto Clinic has Factory trained ASE certified technicians to service and repair your vehicle correctly the first time, every time. Aspen Auto Clinic is set apart from many other shops in town do to our relationship with direct importers that provide us with Original Equipment parts at competitive prices. We also invest in dealership level diagnostic equipment and information systems. Aspen Auto Clinic has seasoned Import experts that really know your vehicle and are willing to show you exactly what is going on with your vehicle. We are the experts for auto repair in Colorado Springs, Monument & Centennial.


We have built our reputation as Colorado’s most trusted name Buick service and repair by being transparent, and being willing to take the time to educate our clients. Trust all of your Buick repair needs to Aspen Auto Clinic. Give us a call today at 7194153121.


Aspen Auto Clinic stands behind our Buick parts service and  repairs with a Lifetime Warranty on most parts AND labor that is unmatched. Aspen Auto Clinic is the logical choice for servicing your vehicle, call us today!


Buick is the oldest of the American automobile manufacturers and one of the oldest in the world. A few prototype models were made from 1899 to 1902, and the brand was incorporated in 1903 in Detroit. Buick’s early success resulted partly from its valve-in-head engine. The 1904 Buick held a flat-twin engine, a type of engine that is balanced by design, and which was mounted between the front and rear axles. Though early GM manufacturers competed against each other, GM founder William Durant put a stop to it in favor of another approach. His idea was to have each division of GM target one class of buyer. Buick was to be the penultimate level, second only to Cadillac, and this is the position on the prestige ladder that Buick still occupies today. Starting in 2005, Buick began consolidating its offerings, with only three models sold in the U.S. But Buick quelled speculation of its possible demise in January 2009 by unveiling the 2010 LaCrosse sedan.