Summer is Right Around the Corner!

When spring first appears, one might actually enjoy soaking up the feeling of sitting in a hot car.  In contrast, summer’s hot and dry days will find us all reaching for a/c button, impatiently waiting for the cool air to envelop us. While you’re relaxing in the cool air, your air conditioning system is working hard and you probably won’t give it a second thought until it fails to work.

Keep Your Cool

The sad fact about the air conditioning system in your vehicle is that it is like all other parts. Eventually it will wear out, fail and need replacement. The a/c is subject to wear each time you turn it off or on. As always, preventative maintenance will extend the life of your vehicle’s a/c components.

While there could be many reasons why an a/c system is not operating as it should, many issues can be resolved with a with an evacuation and recharge of the system. This a/c service will also include a leak, vacuum and pressure check

Most A/C systems are built with:

Your a/c system is comprised of 5 major components in addition to a blower motor, hoses and refrigerant charging ports. These 5 major components are:

  • Compressor- Pressurizes the refrigerant and senses temperature changes. Signs that your compressor is wearing out can include leaks, noises and erratic if any air blowing.
  • Condenser- Turns hot refrigerant gasses into liquid. Condensers can leak, become clogged or corroded & damaged and can also contribute to poor a/c performance when failing.
  • Receiver dryer or Accumulator – Traps debris, liquid and moisture from reaching the compressor.
  • Orifice tube or Expansion valve- Turns liquid into gas which is what creates a drastic temperature drop. Orifice tubes can block contaminants from the rest of your a/c system.
  • Evaporator- an evaporator removes moisture and cools air. When an evaporator fails, you will notice decrease a/c performance. Failing evaporators can also create moisture on your windshield and render your defroster unable to remove moisture from the windshield.

What Are Some Symptoms to Look For?

  • Is the a/c system noisy when you turn it on?
  • Does the fan blow little to no air?
  • Is your a/c system producing cold air?
  • Does your heater or defroster work correctly?

What is Included in an A/C service?

  • We will visually inspect and test the air conditioning compressor
  • We will visually inspect and test accessible components for leaks or damage
  • Evacuate the system’s refrigerant
  • Vacuum and pressure test the system
  • Recharge the air conditioning system with the proper amount of refrigerant.
  • Test for any leaks*

*In 10 days, we will ask you to come back to the shop so that our ASE certified technicians can check your a/c system for any leaks.

For the month of May, Aspen Auto Clinic is offering a free a/c check and estimate with 10% off any recommended service or repair.

Routine maintenance and service can help to make sure that your a/c is operating at top performance.  Having a properly operating a/c system not only keeps you cool, but protects your vehicle and saves on fuel performance. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, our ASE certified technicians can utilize our state of the art diagnostic tools to nail down any issues and have your a/c system running at top performance. If you have any questions about your vehicle, call us today. We have Service Advisors ready to help answer any of your question and ASE certified technicians ready to take a look at your vehicle today!

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