Preventative Maintenance: Spring Maintenance Evaluation

Wouldn’t it be nice to prevent an unexpected emergency?

Maintenance evaluations are about preventing costly repairs and breakdowns that leave you on the side of the highway, frustrated and vulnerable. Maintenance evaluations are also about being able to plan for the more expensive repairs that occasionally come up. 

Ask a Service Advisor or a Certified ASE Technician why a maintenance evaluation is important and nine times out of 10 they will compare your vehicle’s maintenance evaluation to your annual physical. You may hear a reference to the human body and how we must take care of ourselves by eating properly and and being active. When you visit the doctors office do you decline to have your vitals checked? The engine inside your vehicle is like the heart of the car. It is imperative to have it checked and to make adjustments so that it is working as efficiently as possible.

“Consumers benefit from a maintenance evaluation because they fill in the blanks. They inform the customer of all that has been missed. The vehicles are test driven, components are tested and the results are measured and documented. In most of the “spill and fill” shops, courtesy inspections are the most basic of checks.”

~Diane DeFeo, Aspen Auto Clinic Service Advisor

spring maintenance evaluation

Our maintenance evaluation is a bumper to bumper check of all of the major components on your vehicle. Once the service has been performed, your Service Advisor will prepare estimates for any issue that might be found. They will then take the time to help you prioritize any repairs that are needed.

Budgets are important, by performing a maintenance evaluation, you won’t be caught off guard and can make plans to maintain the health of your vehicle. Aspen Auto Clinic recommends having a maintenance evaluation performed no less than once a year. In a perfect world, twice a year would be ideal.

Why are Maintenance Evaluations Important?

Maintenance Evaluations allow you to increase the life span of your vehicle. They also will help you to keep your vehicle running at maximum performance. Poorly maintained vehicles not only wreck wallets, they cause thousands of wrecks each year.

“An educated customer is a safe customer.”

~Patrick Owens, Aspen Auto Clinic Service Advisor

Annual maintenance evaluations allow you to:

  1. Extend the life of your vehicle.
  2. Improve fuel efficiency.
  3. Increase longevity of your vehicle.
  4. Cuts costs associated with preventable issues.
  5. Strengthens vehicle reliability and safety.

Automobiles are complicated machines with operational lifespans. Components will fail and as a part of routine maintenance, will need replaced. Manufacturers expect other vehicle components to last much longer. For example, periodically replacing the air filter in your vehicle would fall under routine maintenance while ball joints are “expected” to last for up to 100,000 miles.

 March Madness Special!

For the month of March, we are offering 3 packages designed to cover the needs of each of our clients vehicle. We are offering a Semi-Synthetic, Full Synthetic or European oil change, tire rotation and a maintenance evaluation for discounted prices.

Aspen Auto Clinic Can Help!

We can help you understand how healthy your vehicle is. Would you like peace of mind while running all the errands that seem to pop up during the end of the school year? If you have not had a maintenance evaluation this year, or your have any concerns about your car please contact one of our locations! 

We can perform a comprehensive check of all your major systems and let you know exactly where you stand with your vehicle. Let us help you identify any problems your vehicle may have before they break down. At Aspen Auto Clinic we don’t just repair your car, we work with you to help you keep your car in excellent running order for many years to come!

Bring your car to us, we will earn your trust!

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