Learn How to Get Over 200,000 Miles Out of Your Vehicle

By January 4, 2018 Car Service

Unlike the cars and trucks our parents drove, most vehicles now pass the 100,000 mile mark with no major issues. By tending to the health of our vehicles and with new technologies, automobiles are now able to reach and even pass the 200,000 mile mark. Many people are keeping their automobiles much longer due to the rising costs of purchasing a new vehicle.

Do you love and leave your vehicle once it has 30,000 miles on it or are you the type that has accepted the challenge of keeping a vehicle running for as long as possible? We live in a throw away society, but tossing out a car is not as simple as replacing a failing printer.  Here are some tips to get as much mileage out of your vehicle as possible. 

1. Start with a Vehicle that has a Reputation for Longevity

Pick a car with a good track record and then have a pre-purchase inspection performed. Many times a pre-purchase inspection can help avoid a poor choice or at least offer an estimate of repairs and maintenance needed in the near future. There are no perfect used cars in the dealer’s lots and the cost of an inspection is readily recovered using the results to negotiate a price. Click here for a link to a list of vehicles that have a reputation of longevity. 

2. Stay on Top of Repairs

Be proactive! The most important thing in keeping a vehicle performing properly is to make necessary repairs promptly.  Never ignore new noises or vibrations.  Postponing needed repairs often costs more. For example, ignoring a fluid leak can lead to a low flow fluid level causing premature wear on expensive mechanical components or preventable breakdowns. It is best to address a small problem before it turns into a larger issue.

3. Do Regular Vehicle Inspections

Problems can arise at any time and for inexplicable reasons. Whether you do it yourself or rely on us, exterior, under hood and under vehicle visual inspections can prevent roadside emergencies. Ask your mechanic to inspect your brakes and steering components.

4. Read Your Owner’s Manual

Your vehicles owner’s manual is a starting point for your maintenance information. With our experience, your driving habits, and a physical inspection of your vehicle we can work with you to put an affordable, personalized maintenance schedule together for you. Regular flushing of fluids and regular replacement of spark plugs, filters and timing belts can do wonders for extending the life of your vehicle.

5. Keep it Clean

Get out the cleaning products periodically or have your vehicle professionally detailed. Regular cleaning inside and out can make your vehicle a more pleasant place to be as you roll up the miles. Frequent washing and waxing will help preserve the paint and keep the sheet metal from rusting. Vacuuming sand and dirt out of the carpet and seats minimizes wear that leads to tears and holes. It’s important to remove salt and debris away from the under body to minimize potential issues with rust.


5. Take it Easy

Another way to extend the life of your vehicle is to drive less aggressively.  It is important to be mindful of your hard stops and starts. Rapid acceleration and decelerating should also be avoided as it adds unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle, not to mention affecting your fuel economy. Relax and enjoy the drive!

What do we depend on day in and day out? What turns our world upside down if its not working properly? Our vehicles. We find ourselves at the beginning of another year. A time for reflection and resolution. Have you made a resolution for 2018? Many of us resolve to pay more attention to our budgets, others resolve to take better care of their health but why should we limit resolutions to ourselves? Why not resolve to take better care of your vehicle? Our automobiles take a beating, day after day. We ask so much and we give so little, easily taking our vehicles for granted.

The recommendations above come from a combination of sources including our real world experience at Aspen Auto Clinic. We see high mileage vehicles in our shop every day. The results of proper care and/or neglect become apparent. We believe it is our professional responsibility to inspect vehicles carefully, keep records of all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs, and keep you informed. Our mission is to help you save money on the cost of ownership by performing the best maintenance and repairs possible with the most convenient and hassle free service. Do you have a question about how to care for your vehicle? Please contact one of our locations!

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